Gobi Desert Odyssey – Classic 8 Nights

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Embark on a captivating journey through the heart of Mongolia. Starting in Ulaanbaatar, you’ll explore the city’s rich history before embarking on an adventure through the vast Gobi Desert. Highlights include the iconic Flaming Cliffs, the majestic Khongor Sand Dunes, and the serene Yolyn Am canyon. Experience camel riding, encounter ancient fossils, and marvel at surreal landscapes like Tsagaan Suvarga. This journey offers a perfect blend of cultural exploration and natural beauty, culminating in a visit to the sacred Zorgol Khairkhan Mountain.


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Rooms come standard with two twin beds. If signing up with a companion and sharing a room, the double rate applies. If requesting your own room, single rate applies. If sharing is requested, we do our best. But if we cannot, single supplement fee applies.

Pay a deposit of $500.00 per item


Upon arrival at the airport, we will meet our driver. The driver will bring you to the hotel, to settle in. After lunch is time to discover the Mongolian history in the wonderful National History Museum. The museum has three floors about Mongolia’s rich, glorious, violent and noble past, from the creation of the great Mongolian Empire by Genghis Khan till the time under Soviet Union and Modern era. We will then explore the centre of Ulaanbaatar. For instance, Genghis Khan Square and the House of Parliament.

In the evening we will visit Mongolian traditional show at Tumen Ekh: folkloric dances, contortionists, and of course khoomi (Mongolian overtone singing). Accommodation at Mongolian Vision guesthouse or Platinum hotel



Early we will drive to Saikhan Ovoo where mountains located along the Ongii River, are a perfect place to rest between the Northwest of Mongolia and Gobi Desert. Near the bends in the river, we can see the ruins of two monasteries, Barlim Monastery on the Northern bank, Khutagt Monastery on the Southern bank.

We will discover the best known ruins Ongi lamasery, and the museum. In 1937, the Soviets almost completely destroyed the homes and monasteries here where one thousand monks were living. In 2002, some monks have came back and began to rebuild the monastery, with few resources but much enthusiasm.

Accommodation an Guest Ger or Ongi tourist camp

(B, L, D)


Today we will drive the cliffs of Bayanzag, which are best known as the“flaming cliffs”. This is because of their red colour and flame like appearance. The cliffs are famed for their large deposits of Dinosaur fossils. Palaeontologists Roy Andrews Chapman was the first man to discover fossils in 1922. Fossils from here can be seen today in the Natural History Museum of Ulanbaataar and in other museums around the world.

After we will drive towards to the Western Gobi to reach Khongor sand dunes, “light bay sand”. These dunes extend at the foot of the “Three Beauties”. These dunes are the most spectacular in Mongolia, they extend more than 180 kilometres (111,85 miles) long and 20 kilometres (12,43 miles) wide, and have an average height of 80 meters (262,47 feet), the highest one being 120 meters (393,70 feet). From the top, the view on the desert is quite amazing. From this place, it’s also possible to hear the moving masses of sand, hence the name of “singing dunes”. Beyond the dunes, the steppe extends for as far as the eye can see. You will get time to climb these dunes and watch the sunset.

Accommodation in a Guest Family Ger or Gobi Anar tourist camp

(B, L, D)


Time for camel Riding in the Gobi Desert! The nonchalant animal will take us with its peaceful graze along the dunes and the Khongor River that flows alternately on the surface and under the ground. We’ll ride to a small oasis at the foot of the dunes where we will feed the camels shrubs and walk until the top of a dune that has a wonderful view of the desert. Far away, we will see the peaks of the Three Beautiful Dunes and, if we listen carefully, we might hear the song of the dunes.

Accommodation in a Guest Family Ger or Gobi Anar tourist camp

(B, L, D)


Today we reach the “Three Beauties“, the three highest peaks in this part of the Gobi-Altai range, which are“the Western Beauty”; Dund Saihan, “the Middle Beauty” ; Züün Saihan, “the Eastern Beauty”, the highest (2846 metres, 1,77 miles). After summiting a dune or two we journey back towards the east to reach the Yolyn Am canyons. We will stop at Dungenee Canyon and leave the vehicle to start our first hike along the river that flows between huge canyons.

Hiking in the canyon of Yol where the bottom of the canyon is covered with perpetual snow, you may get the chance to see bearded vulture’s, Fox’s or Ibex. The canyon is so steep-sided, that sun rays make the ice melt only by August. The rest of the year, there’s ice everywhere in the canyon.

Accommodation in a Guest Family Ger or Gobi Anar tourist camp

(B, L, D)


We Leave Yolyn Am to one of the emptiest areas of Mongolia. Between rock desert and semi-arid steppes, we reach the white stupa, Tsagaan Suvarga. For centuries, this 30-metre (98,43 feet) high, abrupt, stupa-shaped mountain, has been honoured by the Mongolians. The eerie apocalyptic lunar landscapes resembles the end of the world, and you get the chance to hunt for fossils again.

Accommodation in a Guest Family Ger or Gobi Anar tourist camp

(B, L, D)


Today we drive to the Other wordy rock formations of Baga Gazriin Chuluu. These rocks are famed for two lamas who lived here in the early 19th century,  and we still can see their Buddhist inscriptions in the rocks. According to the legend, Genghis Khan also spent time living in this wonderful. Spend the day hiking and exploring this beautiful area!

(B, L, D)


Before heading back to the capital we make a stop at Zorgol Khairkhan, known for its “Secret history of Mongolia”.  Many caves and water springs are to be found here, if your lucky you may see wild animals like mountain goats, ibex, and eagles. There are several burial sites of ancient Mongol soldiers around this mountain. According to custom, pronouncing the name of the holy mountains while visiting them is forbidden.

On the way Back to Ulaanbaatar you will get your last glimpse at herds of wild horses crossing the road, Ger’s puffing smoke in the distance, and the rolling hills of the Steppe. Once in Ulaanbaatar you will have the rest of the day free. With the guide, where you can go shopping in the Centre of the city.

(B, L, D)


After breakfast enjoy your last moments in Mongolia as the day is yours until we transfer you to the airport for your scheduled.


Itinerary is subject to change at any time 

What’s included in this tour:

  • 2 nights in 3* hotel and 1night guesthouse in Ulan Bator, breakfast included
  • 4 nights in comfortable yurts camp with warm showers
  • 3 nights in a host family, in guest yurt
  • Speaking English Guide/cook/
  • Local guides for the treks
  • Entrance fees for the parks and museums indicated in the program
  • Petrol
  • Journeys in Korean 4WD jeep with Air con + driver or Russian van
  • Water
  • Horse treks
  • Camel trek

What’s not included in this tour:

  • Round-trip airfare from home country
  • Extra drinks or dishes during meals (1 drink included in meals)
  • Personal expenses (laundry, telephone, etc)
  • Tips for guides and drivers
  • Passport and visa costs
  • International transport
  • Medical and trip insurance
  • Airport taxes, excess baggage charges, evacuation costs
  • Meals in Ulan Bator
  • Any excursion that is not indicated in the program


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  • You will spend some nights in traditional gers. These gers are designed for families and multiple people to share. As such, as are not able to provide single or double private accommodation. You will share with other members of the group.
  • While staying with nomadic families, it’s possible that we will not have any running water or electricity. We will do our best to make this experience as cozy, comfortable and authentic as possible, and will provide relief by mixing in some nights at tourist camp gers.
  • Optional single supplement fee of $350 (only applies to the nights in Ulan Bator and where possible in the tourist camp gers)


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