Classic Adventures

Classic Adventures

Best of Bhutan – 4 Nights

5.00 out of 5

Experience The Kingdom of Bhutan, with this all inclusive 5 day, 4 night adventure. Called Druk Yul by its people, Bhutan is a tranquil country where you can explore the ancient cultures, beautiful landscapes and magnificent architecture. Known as the [...]

Eagle Hunting in Western Mongolia

From $2,899.00

Welcome to the land of Kazakh eagle hunters. Western Mongolia is remote and relentless, but enter this rugged landscape and find one of the most beautiful corners of the world. Attend the Golden Eagles festival where more than 60 Kazakh falconers take [...]

Experience Mongolia – Classic 7 Nights

From $2,199.00

Travel to the heart of Mongolia for eight days of discovery, in the Orkhon Valley where you'll stay as close as possible to the nomads of Mongolia. Discover Przewalski's wild horses, visit the former capital of Mongolia Kharkhorin and Erdene Zuu Monastery, and ride [...]

Experience Tibet – Classic 7 Nights


This Classic Tibet Experience tour will introduce you to Tibet’s in depth history, rich culture, and stunning scenery. This week long trip is the perfect introduction to the Tibetan Plateau. From high altitude emerald blue lakes, ancient temples, yak butter [...]

Gobi Desert Odyssey – 8 Nights

From $2,599.00

This is the Mongolia we all know. The grandeur and beauty of the Gobi Desert is one of Mongolia’s most incredible and diverse regions. Look for ancient Petroglyphs, and climbing one of the largest sand dunes in the world all while [...]

Hanoi Experience 1 Day Tour

From $149.00

In this one day experience, we’ll take you on a cultural, sensory and informative journey through Vietnam’s capital city of Hanoi. Experience Hanoi like a local starting from a traditional “Pho” breakfast and the famous Hanoi egg coffee. Wander through local [...]

Northern Vietnam Adventure – 7 Nights

From $1,899.00

In this week-long adventure, experience the best of Vietnam from Hanoi to Mai Chau to HaLong Bay. Experience street food in Hanoi with a native local guide, trek through the rice paddies of Mai Chau, motorbike through Cat Ba Island [...]

Southern Vietnam Adventure – 7 Nights

From $2,099.00

In this week-long adventure, experience the best of Southern Vietnam from Saigon to Mui Ne to Mekong Delta. Learn to live like a local in Saigon as you take in all the bustling city has to offer. Explore the colonial French [...]