Top 5 Reasons To Visit Mongolia

Mongolia stretches over vast desert tundra’s, grassy plains and extensive mountain ranges. Home to various Mongol Nomadic tribes, Mongolia shows many faces, the centre is covered in blankets of green grass and rolling hills, while the south is home to one of the most inhospitable deserts in the world, the Gobi. Some say Mongolia is one of Asia’s most thrilling destinations. From Eagle hunters in the west to reindeer riding tribes in the north, there are numerous reasons why travelers choose to brave Mongolia. Here’s five reasons why you should make your next trip to Asia include incredible Mongolia!


Mongolia has always been a traditional nomadic culture. From Chinggis Khan and the golden horde, right to modern day, the nomads of Mongolia have barely changed at all. Coming to Mongolia you are guaranteed to witness this nomadic way of life and given the opportunity to share it with them as well.

Modern day nomads in Mongolia have adapted to the 21st century however. Their way of life is still the same, but don’t be surprised to see a working television inside their home connected to a car battery that is powered by solar panels! This modern style of techy nomads demonstrates the resilience of the Mongol people.

Across Mongolia’s many terrains there are countless different tribes amongst the nomads. Each tribe’s distinct differences can be witnessed by visiting these regions. Try milking horses in central Mongolia, riding reindeers in the north, hunting with Kazakh eagle hunters in the west, and riding the two hump camels over sand dunes in the southern Gobi.

Experience nomadic Mongolia in 7 nights.

Mongolia’s nomadic hospitality is sure to stay with you for years to come, making the Nomads one of the best reason to come to Mongolia!


Across the Mongolian Steppe you will see these circular huts puffing out chimney smoke dotting the countryside. Even in Mongolia’s capital city many residents tend to live in Ger districts opting out of a modern style home.

What looks like a simple hut, the Ger will shock you when you enter with how modern and comfortable they are! These days the Ger is equipped with beds raised off the ground (not always of course), modern ovens for cooking, and usually a working television. The Gers in the city can be quite luxurious adding different rooms by connecting Gers.

Staying in a Mongolian Ger is possibly one of the most enjoyable experiences when coming here. During the day, you will sit with your Mongolian host family telling stories, cooking, and drinking inside these wonderful homes. At night cozy, up near the little oven, and peer out of the front door to see thousand of stars as no city lights are anywhere near.


Mongols have always been known to be phenomenal horse riders. From the Huns to Chinggis Khan, factions from Mongolia have left the Steppe and conquered from Asia to Europe. These Nomadic warring groups were famed for their horse riding abilities.

The Mongolian horse is smaller than other breeds, but is powerful, timid and proud, a true testament of the Mongol people. Riding these steeds, you will join the ranks of warriors and nomads who did the same before you.

Much of Mongolia is completely inaccessible by car, so the only choices you have are to walk, or to ride horse. Obviously riding horse is the preferred option here. So, by hopping aboard these beautiful creatures you will venture deep into the Mongolian Nomad territory alongside other Mongols.  Coming to Mongolia and not riding horse would be like traveling to Italy and not eating pasta!

Plan your horse trek in Mongolia, and relive the past in the stunning empty vistas of Mongolia!


Most travelers who mention they have been to Mongolia will tell you that they ventured to this far-off region specifically to witness the formidable Gobi Desert. The Gobi Desert is known to be one of the most inhospitable places on earth, but it is also recognized as one of the most beautiful of the world’s deserts.

A visit to the Gobi comes with some planning as the Gobi is remote, and it’s very easy to feel as if you left civilization entirely. Because of this, most people come here on an organized tour to truly get into the Gobi’s heart.

Activities in the Gobi include camel voyages, nomad stays, 4×4 off-roading, and climbing some seriously massive dunes! There’s nothing quite like viewing the night sky in the Gobi, the conditions here allow for optimal stargazing.

Whatever your reason to visit Mongolia is, be sure to include one of the world’s most amazing wonders!


In the far West of Mongolia are the Kazakh people. The Kazakhs are famous throughout Mongolia for their impressive ability to tame the revered Golden Eagle. After taming these powerful birds from an early age, they train them to hunt fox while riding horseback with their master.

A visit to the Kazakh eagle hunters isn’t just possible, it’s actually quite easy as the Kazakhs hold a festival every year for tourists from around the globe to witness their amazing feats. If you time your visit to Mongolia right, you can get your chance to see them hunt first hand!

Our Eagle Hunting Tour in Western Mongolia includes visits to the eagle hunters home where they show you how they care for their eagles, and you will even get a first-hand chance at hunting with the eagle as well!

Seeing this way of life before it disappears will be a memory you will cherish for the rest of your life, making it one of the best reasons to visit Mongolia.

Author: Stephen Gollan



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