Top 15 Must-Have Travel Accessories

I don’t know about you, but travel accessories get us really excited. Call us travel geeks all you want, but anything that makes travel easier and more compact, must be a good thing. After years of extensive travel (and many failed experiences) we have put together the ultimate list of non-negotiable, must-have travel accessories to bring on your next adventure. From Kathmandu to Kabul and Rio to Rome, however you travel, these top 15 must have travel accessories will be your best friends as you see the world.


A travel pillow will be on every list you read about travel accessories. Probably number one. However, what most lists fail to mention is the quality of this travel pillow. I’m sure you’ve all experienced a bad one. Those small polystyrene balls that shift and move, and that awkward space between your neck and the pillow. Awful. A good quality travel pillow will be made from memory-foam, and will support your neck fully. This one by Cabeau has a built in neck ridge, toggles at the front for securing around your neck, has a machine-washable cover and rolls up into a ball for easy transport. A dream come true!

Our favorite travel pillow here.


Music enhances every experience while travelling. It’s perfect for making dinner in that tiny Air BnB, strap it to your backpack for hiking motivation, for background music while playing cards with friends and for quiet nights in. Select one that is waterproof, and made from a durable material. Also, ensure that you can attach it to items and that it has a hook to hang from things. It will be a hit with new friends and make all of your travel experiences more special.

Get a portable bluetooth speaker here.


When we first suggested this one to fellow travellers, we got scoffs and smirks. “Just pack your clothes properly, you don’t need compartments” they chimed. But once they tried it, they were singing a different tune! These are absolutely brilliant. You can divide your clothing into these cubes, and still roll them up. They ensure that your whole suitcase/backpack doesn’t get messy and maintains order.

Get a set of packing cubes here.


We know this one seems a little boring – but hear us out. A scarf or a bandana can be used for a plethora of purposes. From scarf for warmth, eye mask, shelter, sun protection, curtain, dress, picnic blanket, table cloth, cushion, headscarf in conservative countries and many more. Its versatile, ridiculously light, and can squeeze into any space.

Check out this elephant print long scarf here.


For all you thrill-seekers, this one is perfect for you. We ALL know the unbearable pain when you drop your phone and crack the screen. Well worry no more, friend. There are special phone cases that can protect your phone from your clumsiness and from the elements. Lifeproof and Survivor offer waterproof and durable cases for all of your adventures into the wild. Don’t worry about dropping your phone while trying to take the perfect selfie – this case has you covered. No pun intended.

Get a waterproof phone case here.


This is a LIFE. SAVER. Imagine yourself, on horseback through the Mongolian wilderness, and you see a wild eagle swoop down to collect its prey. You scramble for your camera, only to discover that you’re out of battery. And let me tell you my friend, Mongolian gers do not have electricity. The solar charger can be powered anywhere, anytime, giving battery life to your camera on long adventures into the wild. Once you’ve bought this little gem, you’ll never travel without it.

Get a solar powered portable charger here.


A microfiber towel is a necessity while on the road. Not only are they tiny, and can fit into practically any space, they are also highly absorbent and dry you super fast. Once you’re done, simply hang them up for an hour or so, and they’ll be ready to pack away again, completely dry. Save yourself the bulky, damp mess of a normal towel and invest in this little gem.

Get a packable microfiber travel towel here.


These bags will save your skin on many occasions. When the simply clip lock bags just aren’t enough, these durable and waterproof bags will protect your valuables. Keep them in your backpack when out and about, just in case it rains, put your volatile toiletries inside them during flights, or put your camera inside them on rainy days.  You can even use them as dirty laundry bags, shoe bags and for electronic cords. They are so versatile! Do yourself a favour and grab these bags today.

Get a dry sack here.


This one is a truly useful accessory. A quality pocket knife can have no many uses, from cutting fruit on the run, to opening wine bottles, sniping zip ties and for so many general purposes. This one comes in handy so often that you’ll never know how you went for so long without it!

Get your Swiss Army knife here.


How many trips have you been on, where you need two or three different adapters? This nifty little device will save the day over and over again. You can plug it into any power point and plug any electronic device into it. Save yourself the luggage space with multiple plugs and grab this one. This is also perfect for countries that surprise you – who would have thought that Argentina, China and Australia have the same electrical outlet? How does that even happen? Make sure you pay a bit extra and get a good quality one, as some on the market are flimsy, weak, and cheap.

Get a universal travel adapter here.


You won’t think you need this collapsible water bottle until you have it – then you have no idea how you functioned without it! Select one of the more expensive and durable water bottles, preferably with a silicon body. It can fold down and slide into every small section of your luggage or backpack, and can be pulled out and converted within a moment’s notice. You’ll never use your bulky and cumbersome water bottle again!

Get the collapsible water bottle here.


Invest the money. Just do it. However you travel, in luxury hotels or dodgy hostels, this one is always super handy to have. You could be in stumbling out of your room in a random Tibetan guesthouse at midnight, trying to find the outdoor toilet. You could be arriving at your hostel late at night and need a light that doesn’t wake your fellow travellers. Your hotel room could blackout and you don’t want to waste your phone battery. You could be hiking in Nepal as the sun sets behind the mountains. This is a ‘must-have’ in the true definition of the word.

See our favorite headlight here.


This one is for all our photo enthusiasts out there. The gorilla pod is a small tripod that you can mount your camera to that can pretty much sit on any surface. It can wrap around poles, attach to benches and wrap around tree branches. Whether you’re travelling alone, or with a partner or group, this will allow you to take group shots. This is a really smart investment, especially if you don’t want to look like the typical tourist touting a selfie stick. Please don’t be that person, we beg you.

Get the gorilla pod here.


This one is a no-brainer. A set of cards have SO many uses while travelling. You can entertain new friends with your playing prowess, make the hours go faster as you await yet another flight delay, or even use it to settle arguments (highest card drawn gets the top bunk bed!) Get some cards that are made from plastic, instead or card, as they will be waterproof and won’t get ruined as easily during those late night rambunctious games.

Get waterproof playing cards here.


Don’t get us wrong – we love real books. The smell, the pages, the action of opening a good book and settling down. All wonderful things. However, not so realistic when your luggage is already weighing in at 23kgs. We present…the Kindle. You can load all of your favourite books onto it, it’s super light and incredibly easy to carry. All of those delayed flights, waiting in lines and night-time unwinding after a long day of sight-seeing will be made all that much easier.

Get the kindle here.

Well there you have it, friends! This is by no means a comprehensive list – if there’s anything you would add, let us know! We love finding out about interesting and useful travel gadgets. Enjoy your adventures, and we hope that these accessories help you have the trip of a lifetime! Enjoy.



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