Top 10 Adventures Before You’re 30

So you’re turning 30. The clock is well and truly ticking. You have ticked off some of the more conventional items from your Travel Bucket List (Eiffel Tower, London etc – we all know about that backpacker travel you did to Europe in your early 20s), but the world is full of more unique and intriguing places. Travelling while you’re young is important because it helps to shape your perspectives and sets you up for life.

We have put together the ultimate list of things you NEED to complete BEFORE you turn 30. They’re a little more ‘off the beaten track’ and they suit the mature nature in which you now approach travel. You can stay away from those young and naïve 20 somethings and do travel your way. 30 is a major milestone after all!


Carnival is THE biggest party in the world, and no one celebrates like the spectacular city of Rio De Janeiro. The atmosphere is electric, the buzz is addictive and the five-day festival stimulates all senses. So, get your best costume together, find those feathers and join the locals for the best nights of your life. The hangover from this party will leave you wanting more for weeks and months after you leave. You’ll never forget the friends you made, the nights you danced and the glitter you found in odd places.

Located in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, foreigners flock from all over the globe to participate in the street parties, so get in fast to book for 2018.

For more information on how to do Carnival in Rio, click here.


For those who truly want an “off the beaten track” experience and are willing to test their own limits, this experience was made for you. Imagine paddling in natural pools, ON THE EDGE OF THE LARGEST WATERFALL IN THE WORLD! They’re not called Devil’s Pools for no reason. With local, experienced guides, you can have the opportunity to look out over the edge of the gigantic waterfalls, from the pools that gather at the very top, nature’s own infinity pool.

In the drier months of the year, from mid-August to mid-January, the Zambezi River water level drops, making it easy and safe to walk along the top of the falls. There is a natural lip at the edge, created from rocks, that prevents you from dropping off the edge.

The falls are located on the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe; however, you can only access the pools from Zambia. This experience is a little more challenging and expensive to reach. But once you’re there, it certainly makes for an incredible water cooler story. Your colleagues at work will hate you.


Feel the wind in your hair and get that adrenalin pumping! Vietnam is an incredibly diverse country, filled with fresh food and genuine people. There is no better way to see this amazing country than by motorbike. Weave your way through the throngs of other drivers in the big cities, or zoom through lush, green rice terraces in the countryside. Wherever you go, adventure is waiting.

Located in South-East Asia, Vietnam is extremely accessible. Start in the capital, Ho Chi Minh in the south and work your way north.

For more information about how you can ride motorbikes safely in Vietnam, click here.


Seeing nature in all its glory and experiencing the wild savannah will be a highlight of your travels to date. Watching the graceful animals of Africa in their natural habitats is both enchanting and terrifying. Head out with qualified nature reserve guides in four wheel drives to journey to the depths of the continent to see (if you’re lucky) lions, giraffes, elephants and so much more.

Located on the continent of Africa, safaris can be enjoyed from Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa, Namibia and Rwanda. Bring the camouflage gear, your best safari hat and experience what many regard as the greatest travel experience of their lives.


This one not only has an “under 30” time frame, but you’re also running out of time when it comes to Global Warming (since the start of 2001, the glacier has retreated by 2 miles). This epic, jagged ice scape is breathtaking as it towers above its ogling viewers. Listen as the glacier moves, producing loud creaks, and as sections splinter off into the waters below. The color is enough of a draw, a beautiful icy aqua. The largest in South America, its dimensions are 37-miles (60km) long and 230 ft. (70m) high, making it as grand as it is beautiful.

Located in south west Argentina, in the region of Patagonia, this glacier needs to be seen to be believed. Make the journey to the Los Glaciares National Park, which is heritage listed, and you won’t be disappointed.


Why not disconnect completely from the world? Travel to one of the most remote places on earth to experience nature at its finest. No internet, no showers, no worries! Just you, your horse, and the great outdoors. Travel west from the capital to the world heritage listed Orkhon Valley. Here, the forest laden rolling hills and bubbling rivers are so pristine and untouched, they present nature in its rawest form. The Mongolian horsemen will assist you, as you ride your beautiful stallion through the valley. It truly is life changing.

Located in Central Asia, Mongolia can be accessed through their local airliner, with flights from many ports in Asia including Hong Kong. The rugged and raw terrain means that exploring on a guided tour is a must.

For more information on tours that take you horseback riding in Mongolia, click here.


The second longest river in the world. The world’s largest tropical rainforest, The Amazon Jungle covers 7 millions square kilometres and stretches over 9 countries. It’s also responsible for a fifth of the world’s oxygen. A “Before You’re 30 Bucket List” wouldn’t be complete without this gigantic monstrosity of a natural wonder. Gliding down the Amazon River, spotting exotic birds and animals, you’ll never imagine that you’re on the same planet as the world you’ve left behind. You’ll be forever changed by the beautiful natives, soaring trees and the glorious river. You may even get to try your hand at Piranha Fishing!

Tourists can access the Amazon Jungle and River from Peru and, more popularly, Brazil. Tours are a must in these parts of the world, for safety.

For a closer look at the Amazon experience, click here.


Dare devils unite! Would you dare to take a ride on this swing at the end of the world? You know you would. This swing sits on the edge of a large cliff, overlooking a canyon, and more importantly, active Tungurahua Volcano in Ecuador. You get on the swing on the land, and swing across the top of the cliff, but not actually off it. It’s simply an optical illusion, where it looks like you’re swinging off the edge of the cliff. You’re completely safe, as you’re strapped in the whole time. It creates some incredible ‘Instagram Worthy’ shots to bring home!

The swing is located in Banos, Ecuador, south of the nation’s capital Quito. It does take some time and money to get there. But the look on your Mom’s face will say it all. Just don’t tell her before you go!

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The largest salt flats in the world will leave you in awe long after you leave. The Salar de Uyuni are also a lot of fun! Glide across the great salt flats in the bright sunlight, and play with the optical illusion they create. The flat, unbroken landscape means you have no point of reference to put objects into perspective, therefore allowing your eyes to be tricked into seeing something as much smaller, or larger, than it actually is. There are loads of examples of creative pictures people have taken online. The reflection of the sky onto the glassy salt flats is truly remarkable.

Located in Bolivia, the flats are an hour flight from the capital of La Paz. The salt flats should be accessed through a guided tour. Just don’t forget your sunglasses!


We know it’s daunting, to leave your friends and family behind and travel alone. But traveling alone could just be a life changing and challenging opportunity in your life. Sometimes, it only takes some time away from your loved ones to discover yourself, and what you truly want in life. You will never be completely alone anyway – it will force you to meet new people or interact with the locals. You can still enjoy every sight and once you get over eating alone, you’ll actually love it!

Or, why not join a tour that offers small group adventures? You can make new friends and experience travel alone, while still in the safety and organisation of a tour.

We hope we have inspired you to cross off a few of these on your own Travel Bucket List – Before You’re 30. Just remember, you have all the time in the world – if you want something to happen, you have to make it happen. No one else will do it for you. Good luck, have fun, stay safe and enjoy EVERY. SINGLE. MOMENT.



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