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Ho Chi Minh City—more commonly referred to by its previous name Saigon—is the beating heart of Vietnam. Located in the south of the country, Saigon hustles and bustles with 8 million genuinely kind and gentle inhabitants. Saigon Ho Chi Minh City will ignite all of your senses.

Saigon is often affectionately referred to as ‘The Pearl of the Far East’, so let’s pry open this oyster and see what pearls of wisdom we can offer you.

Ho Chi Minh City’s Lifestyle and Culture

As the epicentre of commerce in Vietnam, Saigon is perhaps one of the most diverse areas in Vietnam. The city is a melting pot of people from all over Vietnam, creating a confusing mixture of dialects. However, this mixture has created a varied, duplicitous and intriguing city. These cultural blends mean that you can find anything and everything to do in Saigon.

While meandering through the streets, absorbing the culture, don’t forget to see some sights! The War Remnants Museum is a ‘must-visit’, containing artefacts, relics, images and machinery from the Vietnam War. An interesting and insightful vision into the war that tore this gentle country apart. The Saigon Opera House is French-influenced and ornately beautiful. The Central Post Office is a faded pink, gigantic building and definitely worth a walk inside. End your adventure with the Jade Emperor Pagoda, the detailed decoration and bright colours solidify your love for this country.

When you’ve finished sight-seeing and want to relax, why not join the locals at dawn for some Tai Chi at one of the MANY parks. For an authentic suburban Saigon experience, visit Binh Quoi.  In this lush oasis, you can fish, take a stroll in the park, and gaze across the ponds.

Water Apples and grapes

Ho Chi Minh City’s Architecture

Saigon is a perfect mixture of old and new, and the buildings are no exception! The longstanding Notre-Dame Cathedral (Duc Ba) was built during French colonization and it has been a popular attraction ever since. Another well-known site is known as Reunification Palace (renamed from Independence Palace), where the famous Ngô Đình Diệm resided. Get your camera out for this one – you’ll want to snap it from every angle.

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To visit Vietnam, you must have a tourist Visa. Click here for all the details.

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