15 Most Ridiculous Laws Still in Existence from Countries Around the World

When visiting other countries around the world, it’s important to have an understanding of their laws and customs. This ensures that you don’t get into any trouble and respect the lay of the land. These laws however, I’m confident, are expected to be ignored and are certainly not enforced (read number 10!!). Have a giggle at these outrageously ridiculous laws that are still in existence today, from countries around the world. Enjoy!

  1. In Mobile, Alabama it’s illegal to throw confetti or spray silly string.

It goes everywhere. This one has some logic.

  1. In Thailand, it’s illegal to step on money.

Keep your eyes on the ground at all times!

  1. There’s a law in South Carolina called the ‘no mock proposal’ law.

You had better mean it!

  1. In Iowa, it’s illegal for a man with a moustache to kiss a woman in public.


  1. In Utah, it’s legal to marry your cousin…as long as you’re both over 65.

Desperate times call for desperate measures I suppose…

  1. In Britain, it’s illegal to operate a cow while intoxicated.

One bad apple ruins it for all of us.

  1. In NYC it’s illegal to honk your car horn. It’s a $350 fine!

All you can do is laugh at this one…

  1. In Samoa, it’s illegal to forget your wife’s birthday.

This should be a law in EVERY country around the world. Just saying.

  1. In Missouri, it’s illegal to drive with an uncaged bear.

Who is doing this?! How did this become a law in the first place?!

  1. In Honolulu, Hawaii, it’s illegal to sing loudly after sunset.

It’s all fun and games until someone is tone deaf.

  1. In Australia, men are free to cross dress – as long as the dress isn’t strapless.

Well, naturally…

  1. In Florida, it’s illegal for a widowed or divorced man to go skydiving on a Sunday afternoon.


  1. In Switzerland, it’s illegal to flush a toilet after 10pm.

What are you supposed to do?!

  1. In Argentina, the law states that all nightclubs must play the same amount of tango music, as all other musical genres combined.

Priorities people!

  1. In France, it’s illegal to name your pet pig Napoleon.

I know this one has been broken. I call him ‘Polo’ for short…

Well my friends, looks like the team here at BEFORE Travel have broken a few of these laws (not number 5 – gross! Oh and not number 9 – obvious reasons) How many have you broken?

Author: Michelle Hyde



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