10 Best Travel Apps

How on Earth did people travel 20 years ago? Without wifi, phones, or technology? The beauty of travel at times can be the disconnection from the outside world, but sometimes you really NEED to connect to maintain sanity. Travel apps are one of the best ways to connect with family and friends, get you out of a pickle, or just be a helpful little sidekick to make your adventures easier. Here are some of the best travel apps to get you from A to B. From finding public toilets, helping you work out on the road and basic survival tips, this list has everything you’ll need to have the adventure of a lifetime.

10. Nike Training Club (exercise)

Keeping healthy while on holiday is vital. Not only are you usually eating and drinking unhealthier food, but you’re also not keeping to your normal exercise routine. Exploring new countries and cities is time consuming. If you’re not staying in a hotel, it can be difficult to find a gym that’s close by. That’s where Nike Training Club is here to help! It’s got over 100 workouts to choose from, with audio and video options. Workouts specialise in minimal equipment, meaning that you can work out from anywhere in the world! The workouts are compiled by trainers and athletes, and you can select the amount of time you want to train for. Plus, you can add any other activity you complete during the day. Did you kayak in Canada? Hike in Nepal? Add it to the app to keep track of your exercise.

9. Flush (toilet finder)

This one has been a life-saver. On many occasions. When you’re in a foreign city, it’s hard to know where your basic services are. That’s where this incredible app comes to save the party. When you really need to use the restroom, simply refer to this app, that will show you exactly where the nearest public toilets are. This is excellent if you’re travelling with a family. This is also particularly handy in cities like New York, where many places will make you purchase something just to use the bathroom. Public toilets are few and far between, and it’s a good idea to have a look at the app before you leave home. You can also rate the toilet for other users. This app is brilliant, because when you gotta’ go, you gotta’ go!

8. Google Maps (getting around)

This app is appsolutely fantastic (did you like that one?!) It’s an obvious choice, but should be downloaded by every traveller. Not only does it help you find your way in a new country/city, but you can also save each place you visit with a little star, and even share your maps with other people. This is excellent for travellers who want to give fellow travellers their list of things to see, all mapped out and easy to see. It’s also great for remembering where you’ve been and where you might want to go back to when you inevitably re-visit. You can save each map under its name (‘Budapest rooftop cafes’ for example) and create your own personal travel guide.

7. Google Translate (language)

This one is a true must-have. This app immediately translates foreign language into your native tongue in a heartbeat. Ordering in restaurants, highway signs and grocery shopping has never been easier. You simply type in what you want translated and it immediately translates. You can then change the orientation of your phone to get the text much larger to show someone. You can also press the audio button for it to be red out loud. It’s genius.

6. XE Currency (currency exchange)

Trying to figure out currency conversion can be like quantum physics. While you’re standing there, trying to convert, move the decimal place, carry the three and add a zero, the line behind you grows. This app allows you to convert up to 6 different currencies. Simply type in the amount and it will convert it based on current conversion rates. It’s super handy, especially when travelling to many different countries with different currencies.

5. CityMapper (public transport)

Public transport in a new city can be very challenging. Knowing which station to disembark, where the closest stop is or how long your journey will take is often the results of trial and error. Introducing… CityMapper! Simply type in your destination and the app will tell you exactly how to get there. This includes walking time, closest public transport, which stop to get off and even which carriage on a train that’s closest to the exit! It really does alleviate a lot of the stress that surrounds transport, leaving you with more time to explore the new place. It doesn’t cover every city, but it’s constantly growing. Plus, it gives you an idea about how much the trip will cost, so you can make a call about which option you want. Even if you’re not on the road, this is perfect for your unpredictable morning commute. The app updates in real time, telling you which trains are on time, or which other options are faster on that particular day. Getting from A to B has never been easier.

4. App in the Air (flight tracker)

This is the ultimate app for the frequent flyer. This app tracks your flights and breaks your flight journey down into four parts – Check-in, Boarding, Take-Off and Landing. It provides you with a countdown, based on how much time you have remaining to complete each step. It updates in real time, and notifies you of any changes to your flight schedule. These will be sent to you via text message, so you can receive them even when you don’t have wifi connection. The app even has you covered when you’re stuck in an airport, with current weather information and activities and things to do within each airport. For all those on an extended journey, you can even keep track of all the flights you’ve taken, how many airports you’ve visited and how many hours you’ve spent in the air. Boasting ‘Your Personal Flight Attendant’ this app is really every travellers best friend.

3. PackPoint (packing lists)

This is brilliant! Why didn’t we think of this! Packing lists – lists and lists of lists. It doesn’t matter how many trips you do or how much you travel, there is always that pang of doubt as to whether or not you’ve packed everything. Now, there’s an app that has packing lists for you. Simply log where you’re going, and for how long, and the app will provide you with a list that you need. It saves the last minute packing panic attacks and a lot of stress. It evens takes weather into consideration, so that you’re not left skiing in a t-shirt. You can even share your packing lists with your friends, eliminating the late night phone calls before your girls trip.

2. Guides by Lonely Planet (online guide books)

We have all travelled with guide books in our time. The big, cumbersome and heavy books are super informative, yet super inconvenient. Introducing the ‘Guides’ by Lonely Planet app. All the handy information from your guide books, right there on your phone or tablet. With over 150 cities at your disposal; amazing restaurants, secret bars and the best tourist spots are at your fingertips. Get your hands on this app and you won’t regret it.

1. SAS Survival Guide (survival)

20 years ago, John ‘Lofty” Wiseman (an ex-SAS soldier and instructor) wrote a book outlining basic survival in all conditions. Now, that book has been developed into the ultimate app. You simply select the environment you’re in, plus what skills you’re looking for. This includes hunting, camping, the desert, wild foods and many more. It contains a library of wild foods, plus a sun compass and a comprehensive first aid section. This app is perfect for adventure and thrill seekers. It’s also great for first time travellers, to have a resource, just in case something happens (show your Mum too, she’ll be happy).

These 10 apps are by no means an exhaustive list – we could go on forever! But this is enough to get you started. We have covered everything from transport and survival to guide books and flight tracking. Now it’s your turn! Take these apps, and go out and explore the world. Enjoy!



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